Empowering Secure Health Care Innovation with Zero Trust Network Access

In the dynamic health-tech industry, Invisily can help secure patient data and innovations using a Zero Trust model. It ensures only verified individuals access sensitive information, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. Discover how Invisily revolutionizes healthcare security, ensuring compliance and offering peace of mind with its cutting-edge solution.
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Secure Healthcare Collaboration and Compliance with
Zero Trust Technology

Secure Telemedicine, Assured Privacy

Ensure that patient data and consultations remain private and secure. By employing multifactor authentication and context-aware access controls, Invisily ensures that patient information is accessed securely and ethically, in compliance with regulations like HIPAA.

Collaboration without Compromise

Collaborate with third parties such as labs and specialists without any security compromise. Invisily provides a safe channel for third-party access while protecting the core internal network. Through stringent device identification and secure connectivity for all types of devices, Invisily ensures data security even in complex healthcare ecosystems.

Regulatory Compliance, Simplified

Healthcare organizations face a myriad of regulatory requirements. Invisily simplifies compliance with critical standards like HIPAA, offering detailed access logs and auditable records. Its policy management ensures that access protocols are always updated according to the latest healthcare regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and penalties.

Remote Work, Enhanced Security

Ensure that remote access to sensitive systems and data is secure and controlled. Invisily's Zero Trust Framework treats every access request with scrutiny and caters to the dynamic needs of the healthcare sector providing robust security regardless if the working environment.

Zero Trust Protection For Your Business

Zero Trust Protection For
Your Business

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  • Protection Against Threats
  • Strict Access Control
  • Continuous Monitoring


  • Easy deployment
  • Intuitive Interface
  • No Complex Configurations


  • Secure access from anywhere
  • Security Across All Environments
  • Low Latency, High Performance


  • Adaptive to Growth
  • No Rip and Replace
  • Customizable to match specific needs

Customer Case Studies

From Vulnerable to Vigilant: Transforming Cybersecurity in Health Technology with Invisily

This case study showcases the transformation of a health tech company from relying on outdated VPNs to adopting Invisily's cutting-edge ZTNA solution. Learn how they addressed remote workforce security, compliance requirements, and data protection challenges, paving the way for a safer, more compliant future.
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Customer Case Studies

Zero Trust in Action: Reinventing Access for the Remote Workforce

This case study explores the journey of a prominent tech firm from the vulnerabilities of traditional VPNs to the robust, flexible security of Invisily's ZTNA, highlighting the strategic improvements in user experience and access management.
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Customer Case Studies

Securing Financial Integrity: EQRAZ's Transition to Zero Trust

This case study entails EQRAZ's partnership with Invisily, showcasing how Zero Trust Network Access significantly enhanced security, compliance, and customer confidence in a business belonging to the Islamic finance industry.
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White Papers

Learn how Invisily ZTNA provides cutting-edge, secure access solutions
for today's digital challenges in our detailed white papers.
Learn how Invisily ZTNA provides cutting-edge, secure access solutions for today's digital challenges in our detailed white papers.
“This whitepaper entails why it is important to protect source code from theft. We describe additional threats besides theft that can result in source code loss including ransomware and end- point disasters.”
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Blend • Fin-tech
“This whitepaper outlines flaws in traditional remote access, discussing security and non-security concerns with VPNs. It explores how Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) resolves modern enterprise remote access challenges."
Blend • Fin-tech
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“This white paper outlines the importance of IAM in digital security, highlighting Invisily’s innovative Zero Trust solution that surpasses traditional IAM with enhanced security, rapid deployment, and comprehensive network visibility.”
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Blend • Fin-tech
Explore Invisily’s groundbreaking Network Access Control capabilities, offering dynamic, risk-based access management, comprehensive inventories, and seamless application layer connectivity.
Blend • Fin-tech
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Invisily is built by a seasoned team of cybersecurity technologists and researchers at Ebryx whose R&D powers some of the world's leading cybersecurity products.

For more information about Invisily ZTNA please send us a meeting request at info@invisily.com
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