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Executive Summary

EQRAZ, a provider of Shariah-compliant home financing in Canada, faced challenges in digital asset protection, PIPIEDA compliance, data loss prevention, and secure remote access amidst a shift to remote work. Implementing Invisily's Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, EQRAZ overcame these hurdles, enhancing cybersecurity, achieving regulatory compliance, and increasing customer trust. This case study explores EQRAZ's cybersecurity challenges, the integration of ZTNA for improved security and compliance, and the impactful outcomes of adopting advanced cybersecurity measures in the financial services sector.

About The Company

EQRAZ is a pioneering financial institution in Canada, dedicated to providing Shariah-compliant home financing solutions. Founded by Syed Zuhair Naqvi, EQRAZ offers its clients halal mortgages through its Murabaha mortgage product, ensuring all transactions are 100% compliant with Shariah and AAOIFI standards. Leveraging partnerships with Canada's leading mortgage companies, EQRAZ guarantees that its services adhere to the highest ethical and religious standards, providing peace of mind and financial security to its customers. With a focus on Islamic finance, EQRAZ addresses the needs of Canada's Muslim community, offering rapid, transparent, and ethically sound financial products.

Challenges Faced by the Company

The transition to a remote work model surfaced a myriad of cybersecurity challenges, pivotal for maintaining the integrity and compliance of sensitive financial operations. Key challenges included:

Digital Asset Protection: The necessity to safeguard data stored on Dropbox, which serves as a vital repository for the company's digital assets.

Compliance with PIPIEDA: A paramount requirement to ensure that data remains within the Canadian jurisdiction, adhering to strict privacy laws.

Data Loss Prevention: Given the dispersed nature of the workforce, it was crucial to implement stringent measures to prevent any form of data leakage.

Secure Remote Access: The company needed a robust solution that could facilitate secure remote access, addressing the deficiencies inherent in conventional VPN solutions.

Restricted Dropbox Access: It was essential to ensure that access to Dropbox was confined to authorized personnel, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access.

The search for a solution capable of overcoming these multifaceted challenges led to the exploration of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions. This decision was propelled by the limitations of existing security measures, including VPNs, which fell short of the company’s comprehensive security and compliance requirements.

In response to the identified challenges, EQRAZ initiated the integration of a ZTNA solution to revolutionize its cybersecurity infrastructure. This strategic decision was motivated by the necessity for a solution that not only offered enhanced security and flexibility but also catered specifically to the company's unique needs for compliance, digital asset protection, and secure remote access.

ZTNA Integration

In response to the identified challenges, EQRAZ initiated the integration of a ZTNA solution to revolutionize its cybersecurity infrastructure. This strategic decision was motivated by the necessity for a solution that not only offered enhanced security and flexibility but also catered specifically to the company's unique needs for compliance, digital asset protection, and secure remote access.

Results After ZTNA Integration

The deployment of the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution by EQRAZ marked a transformative phase in the company's cybersecurity posture. This strategic overhaul yielded significant results, encapsulating both qualitative and quantitative improvements that resonated across the organization and its stakeholders.

Compliance Achievement: One of the most critical outcomes was the fulfillment of PIPIEDA compliance. By ensuring that sensitive data, particularly Personal Identifiable Information (PI), remained within Canadian jurisdiction, EQRAZ not only adhered to stringent data protection laws but also fortified its position as a trusted entity in the financial services sector.

Enhanced Digital Asset Protection: The integration of ZTNA provided robust protection for digital assets stored on platforms like Dropbox. This measure was instrumental in mitigating risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access, thereby safeguarding the company's and its clients' sensitive information.

Secure Remote Access: The transition to ZTNA from traditional VPN solutions revolutionized remote access security. Employees could now access necessary resources securely, without the vulnerabilities previously exposed by VPNs. This change significantly enhanced operational efficiency and security for remote work models.

Extended Security Beyond VPN: By implementing a ZTNA solution, EQRAZ extended its cybersecurity measures beyond the capabilities of conventional VPNs. This comprehensive security model addressed previous limitations and introduced a more robust defense mechanism against potential cyber threats.

Increased Customer Trust: Perhaps the most noteworthy outcome was the boost in customer trust. The enhanced security measures and compliance with PIPIEDA directly contributed to building stronger confidence among clients, crucial for a company dealing with sensitive financial data.

These results collectively highlight the strategic value of adopting a ZTNA solution for modern cybersecurity challenges, especially for companies operating in the sensitive domain of financial services. EQRAZ’s experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of ZTNA in enhancing security, compliance, and trust within the digital and remote work landscape.

Utilization of Broad Security Features:

  • Hardware and Software Asset Management: Ensuring secure access through an approved device and software registry.
  • Secure Web, Cloud, and SaaS Access: Safeguarding interactions with cloud-based systems.
  • Scheduled Access Controls: Implementing time-based access policies for sensitive data.
  • Next-Generation Network Access Control (NAC): Filling gaps in network access control without needing a separate NAC.
  • Dynamic Policy Management: Tailoring access based on context and behavior.
  • Network Micro-segmentation: Isolating critical network segments for enhanced security.

About Invisily

Invisily, a Universal ZTNA, is crafted by cybersecurity experts with over 15 years of experience. It offers a comprehensive solution for organizations to enhance their cyber hygiene in line with the Center of Internet Security IG1 guidelines. Distinguished from traditional ZTNA solutions, Invisily provides a wide array of use cases.

Here’s what Industry Analyst Kuppinger Cole says about Invisily:

“Invisily is a Zero Trust Network Access platform that supports a broad range of deployment scenarios without the technical debt of existing competing solutions. It offers several unique capabilities such as sophisticated device inventory and posture checks, agentless and embeddable connectivity, and built-in DLP controls. Its flexible architecture backed by the vendor’s expertise in managed services helps customers adopt Zero Trust in a simple, unobtrusive, and painless fashion.”

“Invisily literally ticks all the boxes in almost every imaginable list of requirements for a sophisticated ZTNA platform"

“Invisily is a comprehensive ZTNA solution with a modern architecture without the technical debt of many competing products. Its “killer feature” is undoubtedly the comprehensive support for hardware and software posture management for endpoint devices baked directly into the platform. This enables customers to create sophisticated policies that not only enforce the tenets of Zero Trust but provide additional security capabilities like NAC or DLP”

To experience the Invisily difference and adopt a universal ZTNA at your organization you can get in touch with us for a personalized demo.

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