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Robust solution for hybrid and remote organizations

Invisily Zero Trust Network Access

Invisily makes enterprise and cloud computing resources invisible to attackers with zero trust solutions, making them visible only when needed to only those who need them after strong multi-factor authentication. It ensures that all access, including access to corporate accounts in third-party SaaS applications, is from trusted devices complying with enterprise security policies. Our zero trust network access enforces enterprise restrictions on outbound network access as well. It does this regardless of whether people are working from within the office or from outside. This makes attacks extremely hard, handily beats VPN and SSH for remote access and provides much stronger protections against data loss than traditional DLP. Our expertise makes us stand apart from all other software-defined perimeter vendors.

Invisily Operation

Invisily makes networked computing assets invisible and inaccessible by default except when access is requested by strongly authenticated and entitled users coming from trusted devices. It limits access upon sensing heightened risk, thus minimizing the network attack surface and limiting damage from attacks. It provides some of the most robust capabilities for establishing device trust. 

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What is Zero Trust Security?

Gartner Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access, April 29, 2019

“ZTNA, which is also known as a software-defined perimeter (SDP), creates an identity and context-based, logical-access boundary around an application or set of applications. The applications are hidden from discovery, and access is restricted via a trust broker to a set of named entities. The broker verifies the identity, context and policy adherence of the specified participants before allowing access. This … significantly reduces the surface area for attack."


How Invisily Provides Secure Access to Your Network and Critical Assets?

Risk-Based Access and Session Maintenance

Invisily assigns a risk score to devices and users based on factors like device vulnerability rating, Indicators of Compromise, and the suspicious user or device behavior. The assigned risk score can be used in defining access policies, and access can be revoked in ongoing sessions if the risk score crosses the specified threshold.

Robust Device Identification and Protection from Replay Attacks

Invisily computes device IDs based on hard-to-spoof attributes of device hardware. In addition, it implements HOTP, which is a One-Time-Password mechanism for hardware. The device is authenticated using this dynamic password that changes every time. Hence, it is not possible to replay device credentials and gain access.

Secure IoT Connectivity

In addition to traditional endpoints, Invisily Gateways and Bridges provide secure connectivity to and from IoT devices and networked peripherals such as printers and IP cameras. It offers device-side bridges that secure device connectivity to the rest of the network and protect the devices from unauthorized access.

Gateway Based and Gateway Independent Microsegmentation

In addition to offering secure connections to applications through Gateways, where Invisily stays in the path of the data, Invisily offers application layer micro-segmentation without getting in the path of the data.

Software Asset Inventory

Inventory and Control of Software Assets is the second of the Critical Security Controls from the Center of Internet Security (CIS). Invisily discovers all installed software on the devices in its device inventory and provides several kinds of policies based on it. Access is not allowed or restricted if any software version is installed on an endpoint that does not exist in the whitelist.

Zero Trust Datastore Access and Data Exfiltration Detection

Invisily enables the creation of zero trust-based access points for datastore and database access in cloud and data center environments. As a result, access is not possible to these datastores through any other means, thus dramatically reducing the probability of an attacker gaining access to these. Additionally, Invisily provides for monitoring the volume of data retrieved from these data stores and alerting or blocking access when high volume transfers are detected.

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“Legacy, perimeter-based security models are ineffective against attacks. Security and risk pros must make security ubiquitous throughout the ecosystem.”


How Invisily Zero Trust Network Access Works?

Invisily Client

The client verifies user and device identity and performs device health checks before access is granted. Forms mutual TLS based encrypted tunnels with Invisily Gateways to allow access to applications and resources hosted in enterprise data centers and cloud environments.

Invisily Controller

Establishes trust with Invisily Client through user and device authentication before granting entitlement to applications and resources. Brokers connection between user client and the gateways through configuration of gateways in real-time.

Invisily Gateway

One or more gateways act as termination points for mutual TLS tunnels from the Invisily Clients and grants access to requested applications and resources after authenticating user and devices


Use Cases

VPN Replacement

Traditional VPNs are complex to manage, insecure, and costly for providing remote access to internal resources. In addition, they are overly permissive and expose the network to attacks. Hence, they are used as exceptions. Invisily eliminates the need for VPNs as secure mTLS-based tunnels are the default connectivity mechanism for all connectivity and provide secure, identity-centric, and segmented access to enterprise applications and resources in the data center and the cloud. Furthermore, through our zero-encryption-overhead tunneling, users do not experience any performance degradation typically seen with VPNs.

NAC Alternative 

Invisily Zero Trust Network Access exceeds the capabilities offered by traditional NAC products and provides a greater degree of network security at a lower cost and with greater operational simplicity. In environments with a NAC deployed, Invisily offers additional capabilities to enable zero-trust-based access to local and remote assets. In environments where a NAC does not exist, Invisily removes the need for one and offers other benefits.

Agent & Agentless Micro-segmentation 

Invisily can be used for micro-segmenting server-to-server and client-to-server connectivity. Application layer micro-segmentation reduces the need for network layer micro-segmentation and is simpler and more cost-effective in reducing the attack surface. Active Directory, Azure AD, and OpenLDAP Server.

Secure Access to Internet, Cloud, and SaaS 

Invisily helps implement security controls governing internet access and provides secure connectivity to cloud environments and SaaS applications. In addition, it supports secure connectivity between services running within the cloud as well.

Digital Asset Protection 

Leakage of intellectual property - including source code and documents containing company secrets - can cause significant financial loss and loss of competitive advantage. Invisily protects such assets, going far beyond the protection offered by traditional DLP solutions. Moreover, it counters both internal as well as external threats.

Secure Third-Party Access to Enterprise Applications 

Enterprises increasingly allow third parties - suppliers and contractors - to access internal applications, thus exposing themselves to network-based attacks. Invisily enables users to securely access enterprise applications without increasing the network attack surface.

Agent-Based and Agentless Access 

Enterprise and third-party users can securely access self-hosted, and SaaS applications with or without an agent installed on their device. Invisily supports SSH, RDP, Web Apps, and other protocols for secure remote access to applications.

Secure Thin Client Access 

Invisily allows thin client users to securely access enterprise resources without installing Invisily clients on the devices through our proprietary Server Bridge and Threat Detection technologies.

Securing Mobile Apps 

Any mobile app can create a zero-trust network of its own by integrating Invisily SDK into it, ensuring secure access for mobile app users and protecting the backend infrastructure from attacks.


About Us

Invisily is built by a seasoned team of cybersecurity technologists and researchers whose R&D powers some of the world's leading cybersecurity products.

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