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Intellectual Property And Source Code Protection

Source code and intellectual property (IP) theft are high-value targets for malicious actors. If cybercriminals can exfiltrate proprietary code that underpins key applications in your company — or are able to access critical details about new products or projects — your business may experience significant revenue and reputation loss.  

Zero trust digital asset protection solutions from Invisily can deliver defense against IP and source code theft — no matter their origin or intent. Here’s how.

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Understanding Source Code and Intellectual Property Theft

Source code refers to the lines of programming instructions — often in the millions — that form the foundation of applications and services used by your business[LZ1] . This source code may be programmed in-house or created by a third-party development firm. It may also contain elements of more common open-source code to deliver familiar features of functions. No matter its form, however, source code protection is critical: Stolen code could allow attackers unfettered access to secure IT services.

While source code falls under the broader net of intellectual property, there are other types of IP — such as trade secrets, new product details or patent information — that must also be protected against unauthorized access.

Attack and Defense

Attacks on IP and source code can come from any source — internal or external. Internal attacks are typically accidental: Employees may mistakenly send an email containing these details outside your organization or misplace a laptop or tablet containing protected files.

External threats, meanwhile, often take the form of phishing or ransomware attacks. Phishing emails are designed to mimic legitimate-looking correspondence and trick employees into giving up their network account details, while ransomware attacks infect systems via malicious downloads or attachments, then encrypt key data and demand payment for its release.

Data loss protection from Invisily can help. Our zero trust approach to security never assumes access, but instead requires explicit permission that’s only granted to trusted and authenticated devices on your network. This creates a “black cloud” that renders assets invisible to attackers, in turn, significantly reducing your attack surface. Our digital asset protection strategy also includes outbound network access restrictions and SaaS application restrictions to help limit the chance of accidental insider compromise.

Protecting Your Property With Zero Trust

At the core of Invisily’s source code and IP protection strategy is zero trust. By always authenticating and never assuming, our zero trust network access (ZTNA) approach gives you complete control over who’s accessing your data. Further, it delivers total transparency into users’ activities while on your network.

When it comes to source code and IP theft protection, our data loss prevention tools provide peace of mind: Critical code, high-value product details and patented trade secrets can be rendered effectively invisible to everyone inside and outside your organization — unless they’re using trusted, authenticated devices and have specific permissions to access this data.

This invisible approach also offers protection in the case of an unexpected breach. Since lateral nodes on your network are invisible to one another, there’s nowhere for attackers to go. This disrupts the kill chain and prevents further spread.

Safeguard property and secure source code with digital asset protection from Invisily. Get in touch today.

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