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Enterprise Application Security

Enterprise applications are at risk. Attackers now recognize the short- and long-term value of compromising business software. Infiltrating mission-critical apps can provide access to high-value intellectual property, while targeting software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions make it possible for attackers to deploy persistent threats behind common lines of IT defense.

The potential consequences of compromise are also growing: Loss of protected data could put market strategies on hold while teams assess the damage. Stolen or exfiltrated information can lead to reputational damage and legal challenges. What’s more, almost 80% of business IT leaders believe their organization lacks effective protection, despite the overall uptick in security spending.

Invisily can help. By going beyond traditional security techniques to create an authentication-dependent, logically abstracted, zero trust environment, it’s possible for enterprises to take control of their software security at scale.

Image by FLY:D

The Invisily Approach to Enterprise Application Security

At Invisily, secure access to enterprise applications starts with zero trust. This model prioritizes verification over assumption — instead of assuming users and access requests are trustworthy, zero trust approaches require authentication followed by explicitly granted permission.

Consider a typical network topology: Once users are granted access, they often have free rein across multiple services and resources. While this streamlines operations, it also introduces security risks. If networks are compromised, hackers gain unfettered access.

Corporate VPN solutions look to solve this problem by creating encrypted “tunnels” that protect assets from outside interference. The problem is, they do nothing to deter attackers managing to compromise network entry points.

Invisily goes beyond traditional enterprise VPN solutions by abstracting network topology, effectively rendering all resources invisible until access is specifically granted. Our solution also helps managed secure access to enterprise applications in the cloud. By integrating SaaS solutions with robust multifactor authentication (MFA), Invisily helps ensure that only fully authorized and authenticated users can gain network access, and then only to the applications and software associated with their role.

This approach results in significantly reduced attack surfaces — no matter where your applications reside. For software on local networks, logical segmentation and service abstraction assure that only the right users have access to the right applications at the right time. In the cloud, service obfuscation means that direct access to SaaS solutions is not possible without robust and active authentication.

Our solution also supports integration with third-party MFA and single-sign on providers to deliver a seamless user experience that focuses on the apps they need to get their job done — rather than underlying network technology.

End-to-End Enterprise App Defense

From on-premises software protection to secure enterprise cloud access, end-to-end application defense is now critical to streamline security and reduce total risk. While existing tools offer some measure of protection against familiar threats, the evolving nature and expanding volume of enterprise attack surfaces require a new defensive approach: zero trust.

By prioritizing verification over assumption, guaranteeing context-based access permissions and limiting software surface visibility, zero trust solutions from Invisily deliver the ideal combination of simplified network security and seamless user experience.

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